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  4,4'-Dibenzamidostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid, disodium salt [DBDS]
Catalog Number
100 mg
  Certificate of Analysis
  Material Safety Data Sheet
Comments :
No animal source
Storage :

Protect from light and moisture; Store at room temperature

Analytical Data :

Exc: 342 nm in CH3OH / Em: none,,Soluble in DMSO, CH3OH and H2O,,,≥97% by HPLC

Synonym :

[Benzenesulfonic acid, 2,2'-(1,2-ethenediyl)bis[5-(benzoylamino)-, disodium salt] ,, [2,2'-Stilbenedisulfonic acid, 4,4'-dibenzamido-, disodium salt]

Application :

Anion-transport inhibitor probe

References :

1; DIDS Modifies the Conductance, Gating, and Inactivation Mechanisms of the Cardiac Ryanodine Receptor." Hill AP, Sitsapesan R. Biophys J 82, 3037-3047 (2002) .---------2; Differential sensitivity of stilbenedisulfonates in their reaction with band 3 HT (Pro-868-->Leu)." Salhany JM, Schopfer LM, Kay MM, Gamble DN, Lawrence C. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 92, 11844-11848 (1995) .---------3; Characterization of the inhibition by stilbene disulphonates and phloretin of lactate and pyruvate transport into rat and guinea-pig cardiac myocytes suggests the presence of two kinetically distinct carriers in heart cells." Wang X, Poole RC, Halestrap AP, Levi AJ. Biochem J 290, 249-258 (1993)

4,4'-Dibenzamidostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid, disodium salt [DBDS]

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