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  5-Carboxytetramethylrhodamine  *Single Isomer*  [5-TAMRA]
Catalog Number
10 mg
  Certificate of Analysis
  Material Safety Data Sheet
Comments :
No animal source
Storage :
Protect from light and moisture; Store at room temperature
Analytical Data :
EXc: 542 nm / Em: 568 nm in CH3OH,, Soluble in DMSO, DMF and CH3OH,,, ≥98% by HPLC and TLC
Synonym :
Xanthylium, 9-(2,4-dicarboxyphenyl)-3,6- bis(dimethylamino)-, inner salt
Application :
Important DNA sequencing dye. These types of dyes are very important fluorophores for preparing protein conjugates, such as antibody and avidin derivatives which are used in immunochemistry. A high purity fluorophore that has a detection limit of TMR-labeled amino acids by capillary electrophoresis of apprx. 600 molecules. It is intrinsicaly more photostable than fluorescein.
References :
1; Insertion and organization within membranes of the delta-endotoxin pore-forming domain, helix 4-loop-helix 5, and inhibition of its activity by a mutant helix 4 peptide." Gerber D, Shai Y. J Biol Chem 275, 23602-23607 (2000).------2; A convenient, solid-phase coupling of rhodamine dye acids o 5' amino-oligonucleotides." Vinayak R. Tetrahedron Lett 40, 7611 (1999)
5-Carboxytetramethylrhodamine  *Single Isomer*  [5-TAMRA]

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