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  Coelenterazine h
Catalog Number
250 ug
  Certificate of Analysis
  Material Safety Data Sheet
Comments :
No animal source
Storage :
Protect from air, light and moisture; Store at -20oC
Analytical Data :
Exc: 398 nm / Em; 538 nm in CH3OH,, Soluble in DMSO, DMF and CH3OH,,, ≥98% by HPLC and TLC
Synonym :
[Imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazin-3(7H)-one, 6-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2,8-bis(phenylmethyl)-] ,, [2-Deoxycoelenterazine] ,, [Luciferin (Renilla)] ,, [Renilla luciferin]
Application :
A bioluminescence probe that is used as a calcium indicator. This derivation of coelenterazine has 10-20 times more fluorescent intensity than the native.
References :
1; Identification of natural ligands for the orphan G protein-coupled receptors GPR7 and GPR8." Brezillon S, Lannoy V, Franssen JD, Le Poul E, Dupriez V, Lucchetti J, Detheux M, Parmentier M. J Biol Chem 278, 776-83 (2003) .---------2; Adaptation of aequorin functional assay to high throughput screening." Le Poul E, Hisada S, Mizuguchi Y, Dupriez VJ, Burgeon E, Detheux M. J Biomol Screen 7, 57 (2002) .--------3; Intracellular Ca2+ signals in Dictyostelium chemotaxis are mediated exclusively by Ca2+ influx." Nebl T, Fisher PR. J Cell Sci 110, 2845-2853 (1997)
Coelenterazine h

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