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  8-Aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid, trisodium salt [APTS]
Catalog Number
10 mg
  Certificate of Analysis
  Material Safety Data Sheet
Comments :
No animal source
Storage :

Protect from light and moisture; Store at room temperature

Analytical Data :
Ex: 420 nm / Em: 500 nm In buffer pH7.0,, soluble in H2O and DMSO,,, ≥99% by HPLC

Synonym :

Trisodium 8-aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonate

Application :

Blue-fluorescent tracer. Fluorescent  probe for labeling of glycoproteins and saccharides and extensively utilized to modify reducing sugars for analysis and sequencing.

References :
1; Suzuki, H., et al., Analysis of 1-aminopyrene-3,6,8-trisulfonate-derivatized oligosaccharides by capillary electrophoresis with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Anal. Chem. 69, 4554, (1997).--------2; Fluorescent probe for derivitising sugar: R.A. Evagelista, et al., Anal. Cham. 67, 2239 (1995)
8-Aminopyrene-1,3,6-trisulfonic acid, trisodium salt [APTS]

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