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  2',7-Bis-(2-Carboxyethyl)-5(6)-carboxyfluorescein *Mixed isomers*  [BCECF acid]
Catalog Number
10 mg
  Certificate of Analysis
  Material Safety Data Sheet
Comments :
No animal source
Storage :
Protect from light and moisture; Store at room temperature
Analytical Data :
Ex: 602 nm / Em: 672 in buffer pH 9,, Soluble in DMSO, DMF, CH3OH and basic H2O,,,≥97% by HPLC
Synonym :
Spiro(isobenzofuran-1(3H),9'-(9H)xanthene)-2',7'-dipropanoic acid, ar-carboxy-3',6'-dihydroxy-3-oxo-
Application :
Fluorescent probe for measurement of cytoplasmic pH in lymphocytes
References :
1; Correcting for artifacts in complex aqueous solutions when using the pH-sensitive dye 2',7'-bis-(2-carboxyethyl)- 5-(and -6)carboxyfluorescein." Cardullo RA, Dandala S. Anal Biochem 267, 351-356 (1999).-------2; Modulation of the hyperpolarization-activated cation current of rat thalamic relay neurones by intracellular pH." Munsch T, Pape HC. J Physiol 519 Pt 2, 493-504 (1999).-------3; Maintenance of acidic lateral intercellular spaces by endogenous fixed buffers in MDCK cell epithelium." Dzekunov SM, Spring KR. J Membr Biol 166, 9-14 (1998).--------4; Positive charges of the initial C-terminus domain of Cx32 inhibit gap junction gating sensitivity to CO2." Wang XG, Peracchia C. Biophys J 73, 798-806 (1997)
2',7-Bis-(2-Carboxyethyl)-5(6)-carboxyfluorescein *Mixed isomers*  [BCECF acid]

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